We believe that organisations have a responsibility to offer solutions and services that can limit our impact as well as support end-users to change their behaviour.

It was through this common ideology that we created FairTEC, a collective group of actors committed to digital sobriety. We are working together to offer credible and sustainable alternatives in order to create a paradigm shift.

Work together to create a seamless platform where end users can easily access the full solutions and services that FairTEC offer.
Work together to ensure that FairTEC promotes solutions and services that incorporate the key principles of circular economy. This entails the hardware to the operating system to the network to the leasing-business model in which this is serviced.
Collaborate and use our collective voices to raise awareness on the societal and environmental topics behind digital technology.
Work together to positively influence the societal or environmental impacts of any national or European legislation relating to digital technology.
Remain open to other responsible actors within the industry to join FairTEC.