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Digital Technology impacts our environment, society and private lives. It has become urgent for us to collectively address this impact.

It is estimated that digital technology is responsible for approximately 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

With 1.4 billion smartphones sold each year and only 15% reused or recycled, smartphones are responsible for a significant portion of this impact.

Their production, usage and notably constant connectivity to networks are causing emissions to grow at an unstoppable rate.

We believe that organisations have a responsibility to offer solutions and services that can limit our impact as well as support end-users to change their behaviour.

It was through this common ideology that we created FairTEC, a collective group of actors committed to digital sobriety. We are working together to offer credible and sustainable alternatives in order to create a paradigm shift.

For us, a more sustainable digital ecosystem means:

  • reduce the impact of smartphone production by focusing on modular and repairable design that integrates ethically and responsibly sourced materials.

  • choose lighter and privacy-friendly operating system that does not store infinite amount of data to profile you or sell you unwanted adverts.

  • choose a mobile subscription that supports you in transitioning to a healthier and more sustainable mobile usage.

  • choose an economic model that favours longevity by renting your smartphone and be supported to keep it as long as possible.

We CAN reduce our digital impact on a daily basis.

let’s redefine the system.

Our manifesto & our ambitions



A sustainable smartphone manufactured to protect people and planet. Due to its long-lasting design and availability of spare parts — it’s easily repairable.

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Your Co-op Mobile

A British co-op utilities provider focused on member benefit and reward whilst offering low carbon utilities such as green energy (Community Power), broadband and mobile services.

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An open-source operating system that respects your privacy and is compatible with your everyday mobile applications.

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A cooperative electronics rental service. Commown will never sell a smartphone and guarantees to do everything possible to repair and (re)rent them for as long as possible.

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